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Delivers the best and most customized tennis instruction in the industry!

"The transformation of my game is truly amazing. I can't tell you how much steadier and more trustworthy my game is ever since the "6 steps" we learned....Every drill you've shown me produces immediate results….. My serve improved instantly. Like magic!
On another note, I wanted to inform you that I was accepted into Colorado College!" 
- Maddy, a player in iTUSA Player Development Program


The Training Drills Database is an amazing knowledge-base of tennis instruction built over 20 years by the iTUSA coaching staff. The Training Drills Database is both a resource and a service. It's a monthly instructional service that incorporates the iTUSA Player Training System into the industry's most powerful online instructional resource. Using a step-by-step online menu, a player or coach can select lessons and videos that focus on all areas of the game, from footwork, to stroke mechanics, to tactics and strategy.

The iTUSA Training Drills Database features thousands of online video drills (over 20 years in development) specifically designed to develop and apply each skill in a match situation. The Training Drills Database is the only resource in the industry that provides instruction and drills for all surfaces (grass, clay, hard courts) and all levels of play. In sum, the iTUSA Training Drills Database is the most advanced and comprehensive tennis development tool in the industry.

Select from over 3000 Training Drills (with more being added monthly)! Use our innovative filter system to find the perfect drill to improve your game.  
  • Stay on the cutting edge. Learn the drills and techniques that have built iTUSA championship players.
  • Accelerated player development. Step-by-step advancement in skills and tactics.
  • Customized instruction. Massive database and interactive menu provides customized instruction for any level player or surface.
  • Pinpoint correction drills. Enables players/coaches to zero-in on exactly the right drill to correct a particular stroke or tactical weakness.
  • Instructional and training development generation. Allows players/coaches/academies to generate their own instructional lessons and training courses.
Use one of the only resources to offer drills on all surfaces for your training!  

Who is this for? 

  • Players
  • Parents of players
  • Coaches
  • Clubs
  • Academies
  • Federations

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