"What I liked most about iTUSA’s training methodology is the attention to detail. Rafael used the initial video to show me what improvements I needed to make and why I needed to make them. Rafael and Damon spent the week focusing on my racquet preparation, racquet swing, footwork and weight transfer. I really needed to take a step back and work on the foundation of my game. By the time we shot the last video I found it hard to believe how much I had improved…all in a matter of days. By the end of the week I felt very sure of myself on the court and confident that I would be able to continue using what I learned even after leaving iTUSA. Now that I am back in New Jersey I find myself actually looking forward to playing ladder matches at the local tennis club. In my first match after my iTUSA visit, I had a dramatic reduction in unforced errors, and I was hitting shots that I haven’t been able to hit in a long time. I owe Rafael and his staff a debt of gratitude for helping me to rebuild my game and my confidence. "

DaBarion Taylor
Adult Player - New Jersey


"Hi, my name is Héctor Delgado and I had the opportunity to learn about iTUSA when you were in Argentina for a workshop. Since that time, I've been receiving your weekly 'Drill of the Week' email becuase it seemed very interesting to me. I tell you this because I have an 11 year old competing on the national circuits, and four months ago he was ranked #364. Today, his ranking has improved a lot, accomplished only with the training drill emails that I've been receiving from you since December 1, 2010! Seeing the benefit of your methodology through only these few bits of valuable information, it's very clear that I'm going to subscribe to gain access to all the exercises in your program. I congratulate the whole team that makes possible this great tool for teaching and training, and send a warm-hearted greeting to the entire iTUSA family. "

Héctor Delgado Ríos
Coach Level 1 ITF - Medellín (Colombia)


"We just returned from the training sessions you planned for Grant in Madrid, and we cannot thank you enough for all that you did to make such arrangements. The facility and coaching was beyond our expectations. A huge thank you for your introduction to Gorka. He is extraordinarily talented, professional and helpful and kind in so many ways. What a great role model he is, even if an ocean away! Grant was absolutely over-the-moon thrilled that he got to train with such intensity and encouragement, and that he got to train with Fernando Verdasco (with Lopez and Monaco on an adjacent court to boot) was simply icing on the cake! What a fantastic and life-changing experience for him. So, now I am sold on him going to Spain to train on red clay next year - it cannot come soon enough. Again, thank you so much for the wonderful introduction to Gorka and your beautiful country!"

Mother of Grant - Top Nationally-Ranked U.S. Junior Player


"Thank you for a job well done with our Player Development Program, that enters its 8th year with an inspiring catalogue of player achievements to celebrate, including a French Open Grand Slam title for Anna Ivanovic in 2008."

adidas International


"Before meeting you we didn't even dare to think about the ITF. When June showed her daddy two trophies from her first ITF tournaments, Dave was speechless. The iTUSA System is really amazing!"

Xia Huanhong
Mother of June - China


"I just want to let you know that we got your analysis. We thought it was very good and helpful. We started working on it last night and saw a difference right away! We are really excited to join your team - I know it will work out wonderfully."

Coach of Kelly - New Jersey


"Last Friday was the first time I was able to play tennis since our clinic with you at the Hyatt in Arizona, and I played my best ever! My partner, whom I've never played with before, commented positively about my play throughout the match. I have never been so confident in my serve as I was that day. What a difference! You're the best!"

Lorrie Smith
Adult Player - Ohio


"We are determined to come back to you in Scottsdale. Esperanza needs to correct her technical deficiencies. I have no doubt she will do this - especially with your expert coaching, passion & inspiration. You are definitely the most impressive set-up we have seen. Our philosophy is to always seek the very best, and that is you."

Kevin Merry
Father of Esperanza - United Kingdom

"Thank you so much for the great video analysis! (Also, for the additional serving drills that were included.) I am excited to try out the improvements out on the practice court. You have given hope to an old man (I turn 50 next March) who discovered tennis late in life."

Adult Player - Arizona

"In all my years in tennis I have not come across technology and player development tools like the ones iTUSA offers to the tennis world today. These tools are not just simple to use, but more importantly they are 100% effective. I have used them to help several WTA Tour players to reach career high rankings, including my last player who reached 14 in the rankings and a top 10 in the yearly race. ITUSA video and match analysis programs have played an important part in helping me to guide her there."

Pablo Giacopelli
Coach to several top WTA and ATP players

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"Rafa is such a great coach! I have been working with a ball machine on the corrections he gave me, and my stroke has immediately shown great results - more control, better contact point and it's more smooth. I felt getting a video lesson from Rafa is better than 10 lessons anywhere else. I got my money's worth, and I have to thank Rafa for being such a great coach, for respecting his profession and making so many tennis lovers to be better. THANK YOU RAFA!"

Adult Player - Arizona

"The transformation of my game is truly amazing. I can't tell you how much steadier and more trustworthy my game is ever since the '6 steps' we learned with Jennifer and the corrections you made on my strokes. I don't know how you do it. Every drill you've shown me produces immediate results. Barb and I hit this morning, and while I was serving we did drills she learned from you. My serve improved instantly. Like magic!"

High School Player - Minnesota

"Thanks for your progress report it is very informative and useful. It's very satisfying to see this kind of progress in a short period of time. We appreciate all the extra effort and the professional approach you have with Michelle's training. Michelle is very motivated to be a better player and has the utmost respect for you."

Father of Junior Player Michelle - Pennsylvania

"Our last visit in November with your presentation about your 'virtual coaching' was amazing."

Roma Deroy
Father of Junior Player Jerome - Quebec City, Canada