Guidelines for Stroke Analysis Video Shooting and Upload

1. Select the stroke you would like to have analyzed (forehand ground stroke, backhand ground stroke, forehand volley, backhand volley, serve, or smash).
2. Perform the selected stroke on the tennis court and record video from two different angles (front/side or front/back). Use a tripod, if possible, to record a steady view of the shot. Be sure the entire swing and your entire body is contained within the video frame. Use the still frame examples below as a guide. Keep in mind – the quality of the footage sent to us directly affects the quality of the analysis you will receive.
3. Transfer the footage to your computer and edit. Generally, this will be accomplished by first connecting your camera to your computer using a USB or Firewire cable. Then you can usually capture the footage by using a simple, free editing program such as Windows Movie Maker (PC) or iMovie (Mac). Use the editing software to create a single video file containing both angles of your shot. Trim them as short as possible, but be sure to include the setup through the end of the follow-through. The edited video file should, in most cases, be 3-10 seconds long. Check the manuals included with your camera and editing software for help with these procedures.
4. Export the video file in one of the following common formats: avi, mov, wmv, mpeg, mp4. mpeg2, dv, 3gp, 3g2, or mpeg4. Adjust the other settings to match the original footage (usually 720x480, 30 frames/second, etc.). There is a maximum allowable size to be uploaded on the site of 100MB; however, in most cases your file should be much smaller.
5. Upload the video file on the iTUSA website. Use the Username/Password sent to you by e-mail to log in at Click on “Upload Stroke Analysis Video” on the left side of the page. Enter a title for your video – your name followed by the type of shot, for example. In the “File Attachments” area, browse to find your file and click the “Attach” button. When uploading is complete, click “Save”.
NOTE:  The "Attach" process may take several minutes depending on file size and the speed of your internet connection. You MUST click the "Save" button before leaving the page, or we will not receive your upload.