Stroke Analysis

Delivers state-of-the-art instruction to any player in the world!

"The work you did show Nolan is incredible. I think this also appeals to Nolan's nature which is 'analytical', so this should be an easy transition for him."
- Mother of Nolan, player using iTUSA Advanced Instruction Technology


Stroke Analysis is a state-of-the art online service that delivers the best and most complete tennis lessons in the industry:

  • Slow-motion analysis of any stroke with voice-over analysis.
  • Side-by-side comparison of player with professional model.
  • Textual critique of stroke by coach or experts.
  • Correction video drills show the player exactly how to fix weakness.
  • Training video drills show the player how to improve his/her game.


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Slow-Motion or Voiceover Analysis Video correction and video training drill included in each online lesson.  
Side-By-Side Analysis - Player vs. Pro - Exact comparisons and precise instruction.  
  • State-of-the-art instruction. Slow-motion video and drawing tools allow coach to pinpoint exact stroke mechanic flaws that would be lost in regular speed video analysis. The Stroke Analysis service enables players/coaches to bring all instructional tools together into one service--slow-motion analysis, side-by-side analysis, video correction drills, and video training drills.
  • Professional models show the way. With the side-by-side comparisons with pros, players can more easily see what they're doing right and wrong and are more motivated to make the changes necessary to take their game to another level.
  • Customized instruction. Every player is different, and this service allows the player, parent, or coach to pull in exactly the right correction or training drill from the Drills Database, which is integrated with this service.
  • Faster player development. Step-by-step skills development accelerates learning curve.
  • Complete tennis lesson service. Slow-motion, textual highlights, video correction and training drills--all in one service!

Who is this for? 

  • Players
  • Parents of players
  • Coaches
  • Clubs
  • Academies
  • Federations

How does this work? 

You can submit your stroke video online or mail it to iTUSA. We'll send you an email with an online link so you can view your analyzed strokes and improve from anywhere in the world.

Once you sign up for a stroke analysis, we'll email you exact upload or mailing instructions.

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