HUGE DAY!...February 17, 2010  

As the sun rises!
Hello to all my cyber friends!
I begin writing the blog today from the secluded locker room Shahar has to stay in. Shahar has gone to have a shower after this morning warm up.
As I sit here on my own I realize how blessed I am and how wonderful my life is has been so far. Don’t get me wrong I have had many trials and extremely difficult times, however as I sit here I realize that the most important things in life I have which are to have faith, be healthy, and have people to love and be loved. 
Today we have another tough match. This time is against Carolina Wozniacki from Denmark. She is the tournaments number 1 seed and the number 3 player in the world according to this weeks ranking. We have played her before so we know her well and know what needs to be done in order to beat her. Shahar has had two very good matches so far and so we go into today’s match in 45 minutes confident though knowing that it will anything but easy as Carolina is a formidable competitor and will not give anything away.
The locker room is relaxed and we wait to see what God has for us today. I will continue writing after the match and tell you all about it.
Hello again here I am a very happy and proud coach. Shahar has just beaten Carolina 6-2 and 7-5. It was a great match and Shahar played impeccable tennis. I could have never asked for more from here especially in the circumstances we find ourselves at the moment.
The match started at noon and it was very hot today. Shahar came out of the blocks very fast and this made a big difference straight away to the match as she raced to a 6-2 lead.
The second set was much more tense as both girls traded breaks with each other. Shahar had 4-3 and 40-15 serving but was unable to win this game. Then she was up 5-4 and serving but Carolina played a great game and broke back. Shahar broke again and managed after 4 match points to win the set and the match.
There was much tension in the air as you can imagine and of course the reaction was one of joy and relief at the same time as I could see that both girls were struggling with the heat and a third set could have gone either way if I am honest due to the tiredness both girls had. In Shahars case justified as she has been made to play the first match each day on her court starting as early as 11 am one day. And this was after having played two matches the day before….
We play Na Li from China tomorrow. She is a very tough player and of course is not going to be easy. Then again it has not been easy so far so the further you go the tougher it gets.
I hope you are enjoying the blog as much as I am. Thank you for reading it and thank you to for having the foresight and allowing me to be able to share this with so many of you.
See you tomorrow.
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