Another day in Dubai...February 14, 2010

I hope everyone is doing well today and your weekend has been a relaxing one so far, and before I forget Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers out there!
I woke up this morning to a beautiful view from my room though there is some considerable amount of smog here especially over the main city centre. I didn’t sleep very well as there are 3 hours difference with Paris, and though that does not sound like much it is enough to affect you when you are trying to fall asleep.
I had a very nice breakfast and read the newspaper before heading to the courts for our first practice with Samantha Stosur. Shahar felt somewhat tired and is not a surprise considering the trip we had to make to get here and the fact she has not really stopped since she played the Fed Cup. Still we felt the practice was a good one and Shahar even got a complement from Sam’s coach, Dave Taylor, about how much she has improved which is always very nice to hear especially from fellow coaches on the tour.
After the practice I worked a bit with Shahar on her footwork on a specific ball that made much difference once she adjusted to the right pattern of movement. I believe the footwork of a tennis player is so important as the tennis shot in my view begins from the ground up. Too many people move their racquet before they move their feet, and this unfortunately almost always means that they will end up hitting the ball uncomfortably and at the incorrect contact point. This is something that happens not just at the club levels of the game but also at this level.
The problem begins with the way a player thinks when she sees a tennis ball coming at them. Whatever the brain activates first will make the difference if it’s a good shot or not. If it’s the racket more than likely it will mean the incorrect stroke being hit, if it’s the feet normally the body will be in the ideal position and the balance of the body will be positive and not negative. Much like a foundation on a building. It it’s built properly then the building will be strong and not break down. This is, I guess a principle that can be used in life as well. Foundations is what is a about. You can’t have a nice house or a nice roof without the right foundation to hold it up.
This afternoon we are going to be playing with a hitter the tournament will be hiring for us so we will work on the last few things before our match tomorrow against Yanina Wickmayer from Belgium.
I suspect I will be going out tonight to see a bit of Dubai and so be sure that I will tell you what I find in tomorrows blog.
Enjoy your day and don’t forget to call that special one before the day is out. God bless.
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