Good Bye Paris…February 12, 2010
Hello everyone. Still very cold here in Paris.
Shahar has just finished her match and unfortunately she lost a match where she did not play her best and the other girl played very well. This unfortunately happens in tennis like in other walks of life and professions.
One unfortunately does not have the luxury of having a good day every day. I remember that bumper sticker I often see in the USA which says that “it is better to have a bad day on the golf course than a good day at the office” I guess if those individuals made a living on a golf course like tennis players do on a tennis courts they would remove that sticker very fast from their cars. The reason they would is because golf like tennis they reveal who you are and what you need to change in order to maximize your potential. Like a mirror shows you things you cant hide so does the court or the course show you your character and what is really in there.
One thing tennis and golf do that the office does not is that they are very brutal when they show you. You see when you make mistakes on the tennis court you can’t have a meeting, like you do in the office, about them to try and sort them out. Once the mistake is made it is done. This means that a player has to be able to do two things well. Make the right decisions well and fast and know how to recover or find a way when things are not going their way.
These two skills are not easy to develop and they require much practice of the right principles. These principles I have learned over time as a coach and mentor to top players and so it is my job to help them learn them and implement them. I will be sharing some of these principles in the days to come so if you're interested learning how to turn winning tennis strategies into winning life strategies, continue to visit my blog at
We are leaving tonight for Dubai where I have heard over 25 bodyguards are waiting for us. It is going to be a very interesting week coming up. Shahar is very excited about going but at the same time she is also aware of the risks that are present. We have been reassured by the tournament that all is taken care of. We are going there in peace and with a real desire to do well on the tennis court.
I see you tomorrow once I get to Dubai. 
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