The Final Curtain Has Been Drawn! - January 23, 2010
Good morning fellow bloggers,
I have just woken up after finishing last night 30 minutes past midnight. Shahar unfortunately lost her singles to Carolina Wozniacki in two sets.
She dominated the first set and had three chances to break whilst 4-3 up on the first set. I believe that should she been able to do this the match would have been a totally different affair. Up until this stage Shahar applied the agreed tactic between us flawlessly. Carolina had no real answer to it and was slowly bowing to it. Unfortunately as with all top players if they are even given a chance to recover they will more than likely recover and beat you. That’s why they are at the top and as long as they do this they will remain there.
I believe much has been learned during this trip. Shahar will be nearly a top 20 player again when the new rankings come out a week this Monday. So in this respect we continue to move in the right direction, even though is her development and reaching her performance goals that really matter.
I leave Melbourne pleased but also a bit disappointed, as last night it could have been a very different affair, however that is tennis. One ball, one shot, one decision can make the difference between winning and loosing. We will continue to work hard so in the coming months Shahar can make better decisions and hopefully clear hurdles like the one she came close to but was unable to last night.
I hope you have enjoyed the blog and have been able to capture something of what life is like inside the professional circuit. I know I have enjoyed sharing it with you and of course hope that you have added something, no matter how small, to your tennis knowledge and will hopefully be able to apply it into your own path as a player or life.
I sign off and look forward to seeing you all again somehow somewhere in this wonderful site Rafael Font De Mora and his team of experts are putting together for the common benefit of every tennis player across the globe no matter what creed or ability.
God bless you and keep you strong!