The Winning Edge!

"This service gives us a great advantage – we can scout our opponents and come up with tactical plans that have produced amazing results." 
- Juan Esparcia, Current coach of top ATP Chinese players and former coach of Guillermo Garcia-Lopez (Top-30 ATP)

"In all my years in tennis I have not come across technology and player development tools like the ones iTUSA offers to the tennis world today. These tools…including Match Analysis, have played an important role in helping me to guide several players to the top of the WTA rankings." 
- Pablo Giacopelli, Coach to several top WTA and ATP players


The way to establish the winning edge is first to know why you are winning or losing points and matches (not the same thing). This is what the iTUSA Match Analysis gives you— an amazing way to look at the strengths and weaknesses of your point construction, as well as a way to examine the effectiveness of your tactics. Then, working with your coach, you can focus on exactly the right mix of stroke mechanics and strategy you need to build the winning edge into your game.

Guillermo Garcia-Lopez - One of Many Top Pros Using iTUSA's Match Analysis 

Every one is looking for the winning edge— and the pros are no different. Guillermo Garcia-Lopez is one of a growing number of ATP and WTA pros using iTUSA's Match Analysis. Since beginning to use the Match Analysis Garcia-Lopez has seen a dramatic improvement in his performance and winning percentage.

How It Works 

The iTUSA Match Analysis service runs a video of a player's match through our state-of-the art video analysis system and provides a detailed video breakdown on a player's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the effectiveness of the patterns of play during the match. For example, a Match Analysis could catalogue all the following dimensions of a player's match:

  • Winners
  • Unforced Errors
  • Forehand-to-Forehand Rallies
  • Backhand-to-Backhand Rallies
  • All Winning Points at the Net
  • All Losing Points at the Net
  • Any Dimensions of the Game You Want to Analyze

The video clips for each category can then be played consecutively so the player and coach can focus on specific areas to improve.


Level 1 - Winners and Unforced Errors 

Overall Summary Winners - Broken Down  
Unforced Errors - Broken Down Video Clip of Each Winner & Unforced Error  

Level 1 Match Analysis Benefits 

iTUSA Match Analysis provides invaluable and objective feedback to a player and coach. Players and coaches no longer have to puzzle through abstract statistics and make guesses about the effectiveness of certain strokes and certain tactics. Each winner and unforced error in the entire match is catalogued in the iTUSA Match Analysis database. And then the player and coach can study together why and how the player is generating winners, and exactly what is going wrong to produce unforced errors. Stroke mechanics, tactics, and mental toughness can also be analyzed and discussed with an objective analytical tool!

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Level 2 - Patterns of Play 

Isolates Major Patterns Plays Patterns in Sequence for Study  
Provides Objective Analysis Tactics & Stroke Mechanics Studied Together  

Level 2 Match Analysis Benefits 

Level 2 Match Analysis provides a more in-depth view and analysis of a match than just looking at winners and unforced errors. Players and coaches want to see the players' effectiveness in various patterns of play, including:


  • Serve and Forehand
  • Serve and Backhand
  • Forehand Rallies
  • Backhand Rallies
  • Finishing Points at the Net

Player and coach don't have to guess on what to focus on during the next training cycle—they know! With this objective analysis tool, players can progress much more quickly, leading to dramatic and quick improvement.

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Level 3 - Custom Match Analysis 

In-Depth Match and Pattern Statistics Each Point in Pattern Available for
Detailed and Comprehensive Analysis
Any Pattern or Tactic Can Be
Isolated For Study
Quick, Comprehensive Analysis Leads to Accelerated Training Cycles and
Better Results Much Faster!

Level 3 Match Analysis Benefits 

Level 3 Match Analysis is a custom analysis—you tell us what match elements you want tracked and we provide a custom Match Analysis report. As in the example from a Garcia-Lopez analysis of his match against Marin Cilic, the custom report provides in-depth statistics on each element that is tracked—and the video clips for that element can then be played consecutively for focused analysis and discussion.

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Match Analysis Benefits Summary
  • Summary of why a player is wining/losing points and matches.
  • Objective analysis of strengths and weaknesses of a player's game.
  • Statistics are linked with video examples, so high-level statistical view of match and video of actual play are brought together in one report.
  • Stroke mechanics, tactics, strategy, and mental toughness can all be analyzed with one tool.
  • Objective and motivating discussion tool for player and coach—easier to work hard when players see for themselves what they need to do to improve.
  • Faster player development cycles from match to match as player and coach know exactly where to focus the training.
  • Accelerated learning, greater motivation, more wins!

Who is this for? 

  • Players
  • Parents of players
  • Coaches
  • Clubs
  • Academies
  • Federations