From: Rafael Font de Mora
Date: November 3, 2010
To: June Lee
Subject: Tommorow’s Match


I have reviewed the match you played with Wolff in the Dominican Republic and these are my thoughts:

Today is going to be very different. It is clear that it was the end of the trip and your level of play was going down for a lack of training (normal after playing 3 events in a row). I assure you it’s going to be very different. You defeated yourself making too many mistakes. The majority of your mistakes in the forehand were either pushes into the net or overhitting when the ball was too deep. On the backhand side, you were not set with your legs. I feel confident after the last few weeks of training that this is going to change today.

A few more thoughts for you to consider:

She gets a lot of balls back waiting for you to miss the last put away. Stay calm and pick your spots on the court when you have the put aways. Do not panic and worry about her. The majority of your winners in the last match were going forward, so you need to keep moving forward to put her away.

She does not move well, especially forward, so your short volleys, angles and short drives (especially after your high, heavy balls) are really going to hurt her!

She has problems with her forehand in the middle of the court, so exploit that and even hit some fast balls there. She needs the angle and opening to hit her forehand well.

Use your high ball (even changing down-the-line to push her back), and once you have her back you can dictate with your forehand in all directions - open court, behind, and short. When she is further inside the baseline, your aggressive down-the-line shots are going to be very effective.

SO IN the point with patience and hit heavy balls, MOVE her and use the angles and short drives to FINISH her moving forward.

Most importantly, work in the mental areas we discussed in length on the phone this evening. If your effort each point is at 100%, and you are disciplined mentally you will do GREAT. I assure you. Stay tough every point and game with her. As the match gets close and she is falling behind and you move her (executing the put aways) she will get very frustrated.