iTUSA Match Analysis Produces More Amazing Results

In our October newsletter, there was an article about the success of June Lee, a rising star in iTUSA’s Player Development program. If you missed this article, you can read it here. At the end of September, June entered the Copa Mangu Tournament in the Dominican Republic and lost her quarterfinal match against Alanna Wolff by a score of 2-6, 1-6. Approximately five weeks later, she won 6-2, 6-1 in a rematch against Wolff in the Round of 16 at the South Carolina ITF Tournament. What is the explanation of this quick, dramatic turnaround? It was a combination of great coaching and a powerful new tennis tool – iTUSA’s Match Analysis Service.

A Great Analysis Combined With Great Coaching Equals Success

iTUSA’s Match Analysis Service isn’t meant to replace a tennis coach. It is true that the output video and statistics of the Match Analysis are easy enough for anyone to understand. However, to get the full benefit, a coach can create a specific training program and gameplan based on his/her professional interpretation of the analysis. In June’s case, footage of the first match was given to iTUSA’s professional video staff. Using this video, they were able to build an analysis – click here to view the entire analysis. This is a Level 1 Analysis, which tallies winners vs. unforced errors and presents them in the order of most-frequent to least-frequent. This allows anyone to clearly see where a match was won or lost. June’s coach, iTUSA’s founder Rafael Font de Mora, used the analysis to formulate a training plan and to write this gameplan email to June just before the second match. The results speak for themselves.

Click here to watch a Match Analysis completed after June's second match to see the improvement.

Ordinary Match Video Becomes Valuable Information

In today’s high-tech world, it is very common to videotape tennis matches at all levels from beginner to professional. The question becomes how to best turn this footage into useable information to improve player performance. This is where iTUSA’s Match Analysis service bridges the gap.

iTUSA Match Analysis is a simple process. First, the match is recorded on video, and this video is sent to iTUSA for analysis. iTUSA uses its personnel and its proprietary software to turn the likely 1-2 hours’ worth of footage into a 10-15 minute, highly useable, logically laid out video and statistical analysis. iTUSA’s staff becomes your personal video editing and statistics service.

Just as Rafael did for June, any qualified tennis instructor can help his players to use the Match Analysis Service to improve their games and win more matches. There are multiple levels of the service available, including a “custom” level, allowing you to get exactly the amount and type of information you need. Send iTUSA your match footage and start winning more matches now!

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