Disguise Short Range Groundstrokes with Drop Hitting, by Jofre Porta

When you look at the reaction, anticipation and agility of Nadal and Moya, it would be easy to believe that athletic ability is a trait you are either born with or without. After you see Jofre's drill and his unique approach you will begin to understand that all these components can and should be taught at a young age.

Feeding or drop hitting balls is an art, and as you can see from the video, Jofre is a master of this skill. This basic drill develops your reaction for both of your groundstrokes by adjusting to balls in all directions, speeds, and heights. We encourage coaches to work with their players on their drop hitting skills to add disguise and unpredictability to each shot. That way each drill will provide the efficiency to achieve maximum results. Increase the difficulty of each feed as the player progresses, so you continue to challenge their skills and comfort level.

For players it is most important to always maintain balance when hitting the ball. Concentrate on your body's posture and balance while doing this drill. This exercise has to be done with a high degree of focus and alertness. Keep your eyes focused on the hands of the person drop hitting.

In the upcoming months we will add more advanced drills from Jofre's methodology that can be used for all levels of play and for people that seek maximum performance.

Jofre Porta has already had a remarkably successful coaching career. He is the man who coached Carlos Moya from the juniors to becoming the French Open Champion in 1998, all the way to helping Moya become the #1 player in the world in 1999. Jofre also played a critical role in coaching Rafael Nadal in his formative years (between the ages 8 to 17). Jofre was in charge of helping Nadal getting established on the right foot as a professional.

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