Name: Serve - Keeping Your Balance on One Leg, by Mariano Peinado

Objective: Learn proper balance on the serve by hitting the ball and stopping at the contact point while maintaining balance on the front leg.

Description: Proper balance on the serve is critical. It is the first step in creating consistency in your serves. To add more power to your serves, you must use proper weight transfer, which relies on proper balance.

In this month’s drill, keeping your balance on one leg after the serve can help your student to improve several aspects of the serve. For example:

1. Tossing the ball in front of the body. This allows a player to properly transfer their body weight into the shot.
2. Stopping at the contact point reinforces the upward movement to maintain a consistent contact point.
3. It serves as a checkpoint to balance your body. Staying on one leg shows whether or not your weight transfer is in the same direction as where you are trying to hit the ball. Weight transfer in any other direction will force the player to lose balance.

When your players can manage this drill successfully stopping at the contact point, you can add more difficulty by adding the follow through. An even more advanced drill would be to add the jump to the serve while maintaining balance afterward on the front leg.