The iTUSA System turns players into champions. Rather than forcing a player to conform to a rigid system, the iTUSA Development System is built around your individual abilities. No system taught the greatest innovations in the modern game, from Laver's topspin on both wings, to Borg's whipping groundstrokes, to Agassi's uncanny ability to hit balls on the rise. The players led the way—and then the coaches built a system around it.
Here at iTUSA, we begin with the recognition that the game of tennis is constantly evolving and players emerge with new skills and new ways to win. We build on the cutting-edge of those innovations. We also respect and recognize the unique abilities of each athlete and then adapt our training disciplines around those abilities. Taking your game, the iTUSA system develops the footwork, stroke mechanics, tactics and mental toughness you need to achieve your goal. Bottom line, our system produces great results! Every player enrolled in our World Class Tennis system has received either a full tennis scholarship to a University or become a professional tennis player! 
Developed over 20 years, iTUSA has the most advanced instructional and coaching methodologies in the industry, including our Training Drills Database (with over 3,500 video drills), online Match Analysis, and Stroke Analysis technologies. Explore our services today and see—perhaps for the first time—how the iTUSA system can take your game to a whole new level!