iTUSA/Ferrer Training Methodology

The Academia Tenis Ferrer (ATF) and the iTUSA Tennis Academy have developed a methodology based on the winning patterns and characteristics of the top men’s and women’s professional tennis players. At the academies, our students can utilize the pro model that is most appropriate for their game based on their capabilities and tennis instincts.

The iTUSA system maximizes your game no matter your current level of play. The system adapts a player’s strokes and strategies based on age, gender and ability, conforming the game to the player’s abilities. The iTUSA strategies allow you to rise above your competition. Whether you are in high school, college or on the pro tour, the iTUSA system will perfect your training and pull out all the stops, leading to victory after victory.

David Ferrer is a role model to a number of our students and is the perfect example of a player who exudes professionalism, tenacity and mental toughness. Our programs are built upon these values. In this video you can see an example of how David’s effective short drive is developed by a series of winning patterns. With this methodology, you can see four of the many drills utilized to develop an effective short drive, demonstrated by a Ferrer Tennis Academy student, Sasha Alexander, as she builds the same winning combinations by practicing correctly and specifically to achieve her short drive goals.

For each student, a series of patterns is developed based on their natural instincts. A personalized pattern development plan is implemented by progressions. That is part of what the iTUSA System is all about - a simple, but effective way to achieve maximum results and victories.

The short drive is the most underrated shot in tennis. The higher the level of competition the more effective the SHORT DRIVE becomes, as the better the player the harder it is to hit a winner to the open court.

The SHORT DRIVE is an aggressive shot hit between the service line and 3/4 court. It is a shot hit with velocity, on the rise and with diagonal trajectory. The spin has to move the ball forward and not upward, so you have to swing on more of a horizontal plane extending and following through around your shoulders.

Top players have tremendous court coverage, and they possess great defensive skills and lighting speed with their feet. When you see players like Djokovic or Nadal, the duration of the rallies increase as they become almost impossible to penetrate through the baseline. The short drive becomes your best and most reliable weapon especially when your opponent backs up further away from the baseline to retrieve and counter attack your aggressive shots.

The first two patterns, (FH DL + FH CC short drive and BH DL + BH CC short drive), are set with your aggressive down the lines. The tendency of your opponent after hitting a deep and forcing down the line drive is to back up from the baseline (as Nadal does) so the court opens up. If your opponent replies to you down the line or toward the middle of the court, you are in a position to execute your short drive.

As you know by now the iTUSA methodology emphasizes an aggressive, controlled game. To do so there is no better way than to use the middle of the court properly. The third pattern to set up your forehand inside out drive (FH deep middle + FH IO short drive) is to push your opponent back by hitting an aggressive forehand with depth, penetration and velocity to the middle of the court. As your opponent moves back you need to move with explosion around the ball to create the inside out opening with your rotational footwork.

The last pattern (BH CC deep + BH CC short drive) covers the effectiveness of playing behind a player. The best way to do so is after you can hit a crisp and penetrating cross court shot close to the baseline. As your opponents think and anticipate to cover the open court you can effectively play behind them, as long as your short drive is placed correctly and as close as you can toward the service line. Accuracy and placement is much more important than power when hitting the short drive.

After each winning pattern you will see the drill necessary to develop that particular combination. By doing these drills frequently you will develop the confidence and consistency to develop a successful game. That is one of the components how at iTUSA we are turning players into champions!