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iTUSA Tennis is a player development system and approach established by Rafael ("Rafa") Font de Mora, former player and now an established coach on the WTA tour. In 1990, Rafa established his elite iTUSA Tennis Academy now located in Glendale, Arizona. Over the past 20 years, Rafa Font de Mora has evolved the iTUSA system that has transformed players and taken them to the top levels of the game.
Now the iTUSA Player Development System has been incorporated into the most advanced online instructional tools and services in the industry. iTUSA's goal is to become a resource for players and coaches looking for state-of-the-art technologies and training methodologies to take their game to the highest level possible.
Want the secret of winning? Welcome to iTUSA.


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There are 5 basic tennis strokes.  iTUSA's online instruction will help you master these strokes to win more matches.
Just mail your video to iTUSA, and we will watch the match and provide you with a detailed analysis.
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