Forehand Volley Control and Put-Away

Objective: Master the forehand volley.

Description: This is a two person drill, with the pro (or hitting partner) standing at the baseline on one side of the court and the player standing just inside the service line on the opposite side of the net, and located in the middle or the same side of the court as the pro. The objective is for the player to master the mid-court or set-up volley, which is usually hit around or inside the service line and directed into one corner of the opposite court. Once the player hits the set-up volley and "corners" his opponent (pinning him deep to one side of the court), his goal should be to close to the net and put away the volley into the open court.

The drill begins with the pro driving the ball low to the player on the opposite side of the net, simulating a match play ball that the player would have to handle at the service line. In this drill, the player volleys deep back to the pro, practicing the deep, set-up volley. This deep volley requires some good extension to achieve good depth, so it's not a block or chop volley. The shot is hit with underspin, but it's a controlled drive deep into the opponent's court. After two or three volleys, the player moves closer to the net. The pro then drives a passing shot, and the player moves forward and puts away the volley into the open court. The put-away shot is hit closer to the net which allows the player to truly drive the ball down and through the court, while still maintaining a margin of safety.

This drill is excellent for honing the volley stroke path on the set-up drive volley and acquiring the movement and aggressiveness to make the put-away volley. These are the type of drills and expertise developed in iTUSA's advanced player development program.

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