Sensational Junior Star Esperanza Merry Training with iTUSA

Nine year old tennis sensation Esperanza Merry is now training with in the iTUSA World-Class Player Development Program in Scottsdale, Arizona. Merry has already won 23 Under-10 titles in Europe, including the 2009 LTA Winter Indoor Series Tournament Under 10 in Plymouth, UK and the 2010 Le Tournoi Jeune Nike Junior Tour Under 10 in Caen, France.

According to her father and coach Kevin Merry, the strengths of her game are her "will to win and her mental toughness," impressive for a player under ten years old! He also comments that she is "incredibly hardworking and passionate about the game." Although a dual citizen of Britain and Peru, her father says she is definitely a proud Peruvian, and has the full name of Lux Esperanza Merry Viteri.

Esperanza Merry Invited to Prestigious Little Mo International Open

Based on her sensational record, Ms. Merry was invited into the main draw of the Little Mo International Jr. Open, the prestigious junior tournament that attracts the best young tennis players from around the world.

Coach Merry Comments on iTUSA

Regarding Esperanza's training with iTUSA's top coach Rafael Font de Mora, Kevin Merry comments, "We are determined to come back to you in Scottsdale. Esperanza needs to correct her technical deficiencies. I have no doubt she will do this, especially with your expert coaching, passion and inspiration. You are definitely the most impressive set-up we have seen. Our philosophy is to always seek the very best, and that is you."

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