Double-Net Forehand Drill

Objective: Learn to defend with forehands deep to your opponent's court.

Description: This is two person drill, with the pro (or feeding partner) standing at the baseline on one side of the court behind a 2nd net that stretches from the service line to the sideline. The purpose of the 2nd net is to give the player on the other side of the court a target and net to clear deep in the court, such that the player must drive the ball high and deep to clear this 2nd net, thereby driving balls very deep into his opponent's court. The player starts the drill on the baseline on the opposite side as the pro.

The pro feeds the ball very deep to the player, driving him behind the baseline in a defensive position. The player should practice moving back quickly so that he is ready to load and drive his forehand high and deep over the 2nd net on the pro's side of the court. The pro feeds the next ball wide to the player, again forcing him into a defensive position. The player should practice loading on the outside foot with a good unit turn, thereby generating sufficient power to drive the ball deep over the 2nd net. Also, the loading on the outside foot in an open-stance position, enables the player to recover to the middle of the court quickly.

Players must learn excellent defensive skills and shot-making as well as offensive skills and shot-making, and this drill is excellent for developing those defensive skills needed to stay in points and return the rallies to neutral.

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