Name: Alternating BH and FH DL Volley Wide (Non-Stretched) + Volley Cutting Across, by Rafael Font de Mora

Objective: To move with small and balanced steps as you hit the first wide volley down the line and the second cutting across, moving in a 45-degree angle.

Description: At iTUSA we differentiate the types of footwork depending on whether you’re at the baseline or at the net. For net play we emphasize taking smaller and faster steps to increase the accuracy and precision of your shots. These small steps will also assist you in a quicker recovery between shots. For baseline play we stress the importance of powerful and bigger steps in order to use your entire body to provide leverage in your groundstrokes.

This drill will improve your wide and angle movement at the net. Start the drill at the center of the service line and move to the wide volley with quick, explosive and small steps so you can get to the ball in perfect balance. After you hit your wide volley, move diagonally at a 45-degree angle which will cut the potential openings of your opponent’s passing shots. Also, as you move diagonally and close in to the net, you will be able to finish your volley with more ease. This drill also has a tactical component which emphasizes the importance of covering the line after a difficult volley. By hitting it down the line, you will minimize the percentage of your opponent’s success in hitting an easy passing shot.

It is my recommendation that when hitting your volleys or approach shots cross court, you need to make sure they are aggressive enough as you are opening up the court for your opponent’s down the line passing shot. Execute the drill on both the forehand and backhand sides identically, and once you have mastered the depth of your first volley, you’re ready to put it into practice in live ball drills and match play.

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