The Drop Volley, by Rafael Font de Mora

Part 1 - Basics

Description: Hitting a drop volley is a lot easier than it looks; the problem becomes when the player or coach complicates things that are natural and easy. This is a great example of where "less is more."

In the first part of the drill you will see that all is required to hit the drop volley is absolutely NOTHING!Stay relaxed and loose and as you make contact with the ball drop the racquet and let the simple impact of the ball show you how easy it is. YOU WILL HIT A PERFECT DROP VOLLEY EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Part 2- Adding Movement and Strategy

As you get the feel and simplicity of the first drill you can advance to a movement drill at the net where hitting a drop volley becomes very useful. Keep the racquet in front of you and keep the same simple motion. The key for this drill is to stand as close as possible to the net. Take small quick steps so you are balanced. By hitting the ball down the line you avoid opening the court in case your opponent anticipates and gets to the ball.

Click here to watch the drill (Part 2).

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