Backhand in the Air & Forehand Ground Stroke with Resistance Cord, by Jofre Porta

Objective: This month we have progressed to use the resistance cord combining stroke mechanics and movement all in the same drill.

Description: This drill will help your leg strength hitting balls at different heights. Notice how the forehand is struck below knee level, while the backhand in the air striking zone is above the waist. The cord will provide the resistance necessary to work your entire body, especially when you start adding movement. Make sure the resistance cord does not pull you backward after you contact the ball. Hit the ball down the line away from the feeder.

You can change the heights and patterns of both ground strokes using the same concept.

Jofre Porta has already had a remarkably successful coaching career. He is the man who coached Carlos Moya from the juniors to becoming the French Open Champion in 1998, all the way to helping Moya become the #1 player in the world in 1999. Jofre also played a critical role in coaching Rafael Nadal in his formative years (between the ages 8 to 17). Jofre was in charge of helping Nadal getting established on the right foot as a professional.