Baseline to Net - Deuce Side, by Jesse Adarme

Objective: Half court forward and backward movement bisecting the angle.

Description: This is a 6-ball drill that involves conditioning and footwork. Players will start at the middle of the baseline and zig-zag their way toward the net. You will move all the way to the alley to hit an open stance forehand, zig towards the center service line, bisecting the angle so you can successfully zag all the way on top of the net to hit a winning volley. Reverse the movement following the same sequence but moving backward. Keep your feet moving at all times while facing your hops forward and keeping your eyes in front. This drill will help you improve your entire court coverage all the way from the baseline to the net (not only side to side, but also forward and backward).

Jesse Adarme is a fitness conditioning coach at the ITUSA academy and has his degree in Exercise Science and Nutrition and trains athletes of all levels at his Sports Performance Academy in Arizona. He has found his passion in working with dedicated athletes, helping them achieve their athletic goals through proper nutrition and exercise. Each month he will be providing and explaining a tennis-specific fitness drill.