The iTUSA Coaches Program offers you the most advanced coaching tools and online instructional tools in the industry. 

"In all my years in tennis I have not come across technology and player development tools like the ones iTUSA offers to the tennis world today. These tools are not just simple to use, but more importantly they are 100% effective. I have used them to help several WTA Tour players to reach career high rankings, including my last player who reached 14 in the rankings and a top 10 in the yearly race. iTUSA Training Drills Database and Match Analysis Services have played an important part in helping me to guide her there."

— Pablo Giacopelli, Coach to several top WTA and ATP players.
Who Is This For?
  • High School Coaches
  • College Coaches
  • Tour Coaches
  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Club & Resort Pros
  • Parents Who Coach
Coaches Program - Level 1 - Access to iTUSA Online Instructional Tools
iTUSA wants to be a key coaching resource for you. We're making the iTUSA online instructional services available to help you coach and train your students. For a yearly subscription fee of $100, you'll receive:
  • Free access to the Training Drills Database. Incorporating the iTUSA Player Training System™ developed over 20 years, the Training Drills Database features over 1,000 video training drills that will improve every area of a player's game, from footwork, to stroke mechanics, to tactics and strategy. You pick the skill you want your students to improve and the Training Drills interactive system guides you in the selection of exactly the right training videos that will take them to the next level. The iTUSA Training Drills Database is the most advanced and comprehensive tennis coaching and development tool in the industry.

  • 10% discount for Match Analysis. The iTUSA Match Analysis system runs a video of a player's match through our state-of-the art video analysis system and provides a detailed video breakdown on a player's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the effectiveness of the patterns of play during the match. iTUSA's Match Analysis is the first such service offered in the tennis industry and is already being used by top WTA and ATP pros and coaches.

  • 10% discount for Stroke Analysis. Submit a video clip of a student's stroke and the internationally renowned iTUSA Coaching Staff will analyze the stroke and send you, the coach, a video (via email) that you can share with your student. The video provides detailed corrective instructions and a side-by-side video comparison that will your student exactly how to fix the stroke problem and how to dramatically improve his/her game.

Price: $12 monthly or $100 for a Yearly Coaches Level 1 Subscription - Click here to purchase now!

Coaches Program - Level 2
  • Free access to the Training Drills Database
  • You have access to create slow motion analysis of any stroke using our video library and filtering system to send lessons to your players.
  • 15% discount on all Match Analysis.
  • High income potential
  • Includes 1 free match analysis (Level 2) a value of ($250)
  • Includes 1 hour of training via internet.
  • You must have been a Level 1 Coach for 3 months to purchase.

Price: $1200 for a Yearly Coaches Level 2 Subscription - Click here to get more information!

Coaches Program - Level 3
  • Includes all of Level 2 plus a week of training with the iTUSA Technology Certification Program in Scottsdale, Arizona or Javea, Spain
  • Personalized logos in each match analysis purchased.

Price: $3000 for a Yearly Coaches Level 3 Subscription - Click here to get more information!

iTUSA Technology Certification Program
The iTUSA Coaches Certification Program is a one week certification program that trains you in the secrets of the iTUSA system—a system that turns players into champions! The training will take place at the iTUSA Training Center in Scottsdale, Arizona or Javea, Spain. The key benefits of the iTUSA Coaches Certification Program are:
  • Better results
  • More recognition
  • Higher income
The iTUSA System
Rather than forcing a player to conform to a rigid system, the iTUSA Development System is built around each player's individual abilities. No system taught the greatest innovations in the modern game, from Laver's topspin on both wings, to Borg's whipping groundstrokes, to Agassi's uncanny ability to hit balls on the rise. The players led the way—and then the coaches built a system around it.
Here at iTUSA, we begin with the recognition that the game of tennis is constantly evolving and players emerge with new skills and new ways to win. We build on the cutting-edge of those innovations. We also respect and recognize the unique abilities of each athlete and then adapt our training disciplines around those abilities. Taking each individual's game, the iTUSA system develops the footwork, stroke mechanics, tactics and mental toughness the player needs to achieve his/her goal. Bottom line, our system produces great results! Every player enrolled in our World Class Tennis system has received either a full tennis scholarship to a University or become a professional tennis player!

The Certification Course
The certification program covers the following curriculum:
  • Player Skills Assessment
  • Player Fitness Assessment
  • Player Developmental Planning
  • Skills Training Paths for Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and World-Class Players
  • Fitness Training Paths for Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and World-Class Players
  • Training in iTUSA Online Coaching and Instructional Tools
    • Training Drills Database
    • Match Analysis
    • Stroke Analysis
  • Business Development
For more information on iTUSA’s Coaches Programs, call us at 1.480.510.9215 or e-mail us using our contact form.