iTUSA Player Development is a systematic methodology for developing world class players, a methodology in development for over 20 years. This methodology and system for building world class tennis player is now available to you.

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Overview of iTUSA Tennis System

The "iTUSA Tennis System" helped to transform Meghann Shaughnessy and Anna Lena Groenefeld, among other top players, into world class WTA professionals. The iTUSA professional tennis player development program is rooted in a proven, multi-stage process that focuses on the cultivation of a complete, world-class tennis athlete that is both committed on and off the tennis court. The iTUSA system includes state-of-the-art instruction in all areas of tennis, including stroke production, bio-mechanics, footwork, strategy, fitness, nutrition, tactical mental toughness and tennis video analysis.

  iTUSA Service

  • Winning Mental Focus - Mind

Truly, the deciding factor between evenly matched competitors is how they handle the mental game. iTUSA offers a comprehensive training program to prepare you for peak performance and winning at a championship level.

The iTUSA Mental Preparation Program is based on scientifically proven sport psychology training techniques which are results-oriented, comprehensive and flexible, providing close attention to individual needs. Our Mental Preparation Program includes cross-training, where we introduce the athlete to a completely new sport, placing them in an foreign environment beyond their tennis comfort zone. Here we can focus on having the player develop the flexibility, resilience and courage that will be needed in championship level competition. Training includes mental toughness group sessions and individual mental toughness evaluations.

  • Supreme Physical Condition - Body

One of the chief reasons why so many iTUSA Academy athletes have gained college tennis scholarships, with several playing on the ATP and WTA tours, is their supreme physical conditioning developed under the iTUSA system. iTUSA’s physical conditioning approach covers all areas of fitness and strength training, injury prevention and nutrition. Recognizing that each player's strengths and weaknesses are unique, iTUSA takes great care to develop a custom physical training regimen for each athlete. Our fitness program includes footwork drills, circuit training, plyometric training (medicine balls, etc.), as well as nutrition education and guidance.

  • Flawless Playing Ability - Technique

Developing flawless technique is the third facet of the iTUSA Player Development Program for World-Class Players. With a mix of personal coaching and high-tech instructional video analysis tools, iTUSA develops an impeccable foundation of technical skills along with an arsenal of weapons each player can go-to in the decisive moments of the match. iTUSA training includes supervised point and match play, where tactics and strategies are analyzed and then tested again in competition. This gradual introduction of competitive pressure and situations develops the player's technical expertise, tactical skills, and mental toughness required to win at a championship level.

Through a well-rounded mix of unique and innovative teaching exercises focusing on building a strong technical foundation and arsenal of specialty shots, iTUSA players attain new levels of tennis skill and ability on their way to the ever-present end goal of winning. And, with a mix of personal coaching as well as technology-based approaches focusing on technical and tactical facets of the game, iTUSA Tennis instructors bring a wealth of tools to bear for players and their unique learning needs. Training includes Theme oriented drills.

  State-of-the-Art Player Development

  • Training Drills Database

Incorporating the iTUSA Player Training System™ developed over 20 years, the Training Drills Database features over 3,000 video training drills that will improve every area of a player's game, from footwork, to stroke mechanics, to tactics and strategy. You pick the skill you (or your students) want to improve and the Training Drills interactive system guides you in the selection of exactly the right training videos that will take your game to the next level. The iTUSA Training Drills Database is the most advanced and comprehensive tennis coaching and development tool in the industry.

  • Match Analysis

The iTUSA Match Analysis system runs a video of a player's match through our state-of-the art video analysis system and provides a detailed video breakdown on a player's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the effectiveness of the patterns of play during the match. iTUSA's Match Analysis is the first such service offered in the tennis industry and is already being used by top WTA and ATP pros and coaches.

  • Stroke Analysis

We take a video clip of your stroke and the internationally renowned iTUSA Coaching Staff will analyze your stroke and provide detailed corrective instructions and a side-by-side video comparison that will show you exactly how to fix your stroke problem and dramatically improve your game.

Consultation on iTUSA Player Development System and Services

For a free consultation on iTUSA's Professional Tennis Player Development Services, including establishing your own Academy program, call us at 1.480.510.7170 or email us using our conact form to get started today.

iTUSA Tennis Academy  

The iTUSA Player Development program includes our own iTUSA Tennis Academy, located in Glendale, Arizona. With our highly specialized and advanced training, we are only able to offer entrance to the Academy for a few athletesOur tennis academy program graduates go on to receive Division I college placement or join the professional WTA or ATP tennis tour.


Each student's iTUSA professional tennis player development full time program begins with a comprehensive evaluation of grips and game style, on-court movement, functional movement, strength, flexibility, nutrition, over-all athleticism and mental posture. Following our evaluation and assessment, iTUSA staff, the student, parents and assigned coaches discuss an individualized, directed program. Short and long-term goals are established to gear each student's development towards perceivable accomplishments and parents will receive regular detailed progress reports evaluating their student’s growth.


The iTUSA professional tennis player development program is a Monday through Friday schedule consisting of approximately 25-28 hours per week of tennis and fitness instruction in small groups (one on-one personal instructional is available on Saturday for an additional fee). Our daily tennis classes are divided into morning and afternoon sessions, developing all aspects of your game with the goal of reaching your highest potential. To achieve this, we focus on three essentials for championship-level competition: winning mental focus, supreme physical condition, and flawless playing ability.

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